Confidence Box

Challenged to create a box which makes users feel a particular emotion, our team focused on eliciting confidence.


In order to instill confidence in our user, we needed to understand what makes people feel confident and how those qualities translate into aspects physical products. 



We chose to use large industrial levers as our method of unlocking our box. These levers require a fair amount of force but make a satisfying thump when switched into place. The affordance of being pulled in such a manner as well as the auditory feedback helps users feel confident in their progress.


LEDs next to the handle provide visual feedback on the user's progress. As each lever is pulled, the corresponding LED changes from red to green. This mapping helps provide a clear conceptual model of how the box should be opened.



When all four levels are pulled, the box is unlocked, allowing the user to open the box. Again visual feedback is provided by pulsing green LEDs, while an auditory cue demonstrates that the latch has been opened. This processes allows users to feel confident in their experience.