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How can we help people who are visually impaired complete the "last mile" of their travel journey?


Completing the last portion of a travel journey can be challenging, especially for people who are visually impaired. In the 2017 Integrated Design Challenge, our team utilized human-centered techniques to investigate how we could improve the last mile experience.

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User Interviews

In order to understand the pain points of our users, we interviewed individuals with vision impairments. 

Service Excursions

To gain empathy, we performed a service excursion to better understand some of the last mile challenges.

rapid prototyping

Our team utilized a variety of rapid prototyping techniques to quickly iterate on our ideas.


Our proposed solution consists of a service in which people who need assistance is completing their journey could get help from a navigator using their phone. The navigator has access to the user's location and front phone camera to help guide the person to the correct location.