I am passionate about understanding user needs, tackling technical challenges, and scoping business opportunities in order to deliver human-centered technologies that assist, connect, and empower people.

I love working on interdisciplinary projects and taking an idea from start to finish.  I have experience with synthesizing and performing user research, leading cross-functional teams, and defining product vision and strategy. I am eager to apply my skills to emerging technologies. 

I graduated from Yale University with a degree in electrical engineering and previously worked on Surface devices at Microsoft. I am currently pursuing a Master's degree in human-centered design at Northwestern University.

Clients & Partners

I value partnering with real clients to create impactful user-centered expriences. 


Selected Projects

I focus on a human-centered design process combined with innovative product design to create valuable products and services.


Uber Freight

Improving the facility experience for Uber Freight's truck drivers.

Feeding America

A network to serve rescued food from retail stores to individuals experiencing food insecurity

Eye Do 

A navigation application targeting the last mile transportation problem for individuals with visual impairments.