Yale Young Global Scholars (Applied Sciences & Engineering)
Lead Instructor for intensive two-week summer program geared towards a global cohort of high-achieving high school students interested in STEM. My role consisted of four main responsibilities:

  • Seminars: Developed and taught six 90 minute seminars/workshops to groups of 16 students. Topics included: analog electronics, social robots, wireless charging, optical illusions, self-driving cars, design thinking. 
  • Section: Led 19-student discussion sections corresponding to five Yale faculty lectures.
  • Capstone: Continuously advised a group of 22 students in a two-week long capstone project on big data.
  • Family Leader: Mentored and promoted a positive social environment within a small group of 11 students.


Nightlight Workshop - Yale CEID
In collaboration with the Yale Center of Engineering Innovation and Design, I teach a nightlight workshop aimed at introducing novices to electronics and basic soldering.  The workshop provides members of the community with no prior experience the skills and knowledge necessary to analyze a simple circuit consisting of common electrical components such as resistors, LEDs, and a BJT transistor.

Next, the participants apply their knowledge by creating a nightlight based on the circuit they have just analyzed. Through this process, the participants learn how to solder on a protoboard and gain the confidence to work on simple electronics projects in the CEID independently. Its always great to see the participants reactions when their device lights up for the first time!  

Bristle Bots - Splash at Yale
The Splash program brings hundreds of middle and high school students to Yale's campus to take courses taught by Yale undergraduates. As an instructor, I taught a popular hands-on robotics class in which middle schoolers put together a simple bristlebot. 


Tutor for EENG 200 (Introduction to Electronics) 
One-on-one tutor for EENG 200, typically the first electrical engineering course taken by first or second year students. Topics include current and voltage laws that govern electronic circuit behavior, node and loop methods for solving circuit problems, DC and AC circuit elements, frequency response, nonlinear circuits, semiconductor devices, and small-signal amplifiers.