uber Freight

Leveling the Playing Field for America's Truck Drivers


Project overview

Truck drivers are the heart of the American economy, hauling 14 billion tons of freight every year and about 10% of all miles on the road. But trucking is not easy. Uber Freight aims to empower truck drivers and trucking companies to run and grow their business. This is presently accomplished via an app the matches trucking companies with loads to haul. While the current solution improves the lives of drivers by taking out the guesswork of finding and booking freight, Uber Freight looked to us to identify additional opportunity areas for impact.

Specifically, our task consisted of investigating the experiences at shipping facilities: shippers, receivers, warehouses, and distribution centers. 


In order to understand the experiences of individuals in the logistics industry I participated in a variety of primary research including

  • Driver Interviews
  • Three Facility Visits
  • Analogous Research Experiences
  • Paper Prototype Testing with Facility Employees

Journey and Stakeholder map

Trucking loads take an incredible path from shipper to receiver. We created a number of frameworks to better understand the journey as well as the stakeholders involved.



Following our initial investigations, we focused on the experiences of small facilities, which often lack the resources and digital tools to assist their work, where we felt Uber Freight can make the biggest impact. From our synthesis of quantitative data and qualitative insights we

  • Identified key challenges faced by small facilities
  • Create personas to better frame the work of facility employees
  • Developed opportunity maps of areas for Uber Freight to further investigate
  • Proposed an implementation strategy rooted in our research

The details of this work are protected via NDA.


Our proposed opportunity areas take into account desirability, feasibility, and viability, and have a large potential for impacting the experience of small facilities and the logistics industry.

Ultimately, our team delivered a final presentation and project handoff to the client, that was well received by Uber Freight's operations, product management, and design research teams. 


Team: Christopher Datsikas, Suesan Chen